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Support Officer salary

Earning £35-70k

From the advise received, it is very clear that the public servant is abusing the law. Lewisham Council seem to be very crafty bunch, therefore I conclude that if an officer was not up to the requirements for the job, he/she would not be employed. Nobody gets paid £35k+ for not knowing the law, so, moving goalposts, psychological pressure, abuse and discrimination is evident.

Mr John Barker, Housing Options and Advice Service Manager, was forwarded the s184 response and he seem to agree with Prevention and Support Officer Mr Timothy Odofin

Lewisham Council Pay Policy

Job Specification and requirements

Housing Prevention and Support Officer

  • To prevent and resolve homelessness within the borough through the provision of confidential and impartial advice and information to customers approaching the Housing Needs Service about their housing rights and obligations under legislation and Council policy either in Council offices or other locations as required.
  • To actively and positively promote and deliver the Council’s homeless prevention agenda identifying appropriate housing options and utilizing the prevention tools available, such as DHP for customers that will resolve their accommodation problems and reduce the need for the provision of temporary accommodation within agreed timeframes.
  • To fully investigate the circumstances of customers presenting to the Council as homeless and to determine in accordance with current legislation, case law and the Code of Guidance 2006 what duty the authority owes to them and to issue legally robust S184 decision letters accordingly.
  • To provide advice and practical assistance when required to customers in respect of security of tenure across all types of tenure, including matrimonial rights and attending court as needed in order to prevent homelessness.
  • To investigate landlord and tenant disputes including allegations of harassment and illegal eviction within the meaning of the Protection from Eviction Act 1977 and Protection from Harassment Act 1997, intervening and negotiating with all parties as required to prevent homelessness.
  • To develop and maintain a sound knowledge of the support needs of vulnerable single customers presenting to the Council for assistance including physical and mental health, substance misuse, offending, learning disabilities, independent living skills, education, training and employment needs.

From the responsibilities and duties that come with the role


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