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You have instead just refused to provide any information at all

I will be uploading all my information here. From now on you will not be able to say the above

Why oh why oh why don’t you just take any job

You have already been offered advice on how you can secure accommodation in the private sector, claiming housing benefit and state other benefits, you then met with Chris Horn, SHIP team leader on 13th of February 2018 and it was suggested to you that you could exercise your treaty right now by obtaining work which negate the need to fight the DWP through appeal for benefits and actually help you move forward.

Not sure if this £50k advice worth the money, according to the Officer Mr Timothy:

  • Fitness for work statement stating inability to work due to depression does not count
  • Work will negate the need to fight the DWP - problems with DWP will fix by itself
  • Don’t worry about years worked and pension - work will fix it automagically
  • Don’t worry about your permanent residence and legal status, as long as you work
  • Working illegally will solve all of the above - according to DWP my current status is illegal
  • Claiming housing benefit and other benefits - can not claim housing benefit if failed HRT

No need for doctors degree to smell the bs

You advised Chris that you have no intention of obtaining work and where adamant that you are willing to take the DWP to European Court instead. This is even further evidence that you have no intention to exercise your treaty rights despite all the extensive advice you have received

Ask any student, if they think they would be exercising their rights, by taking to court malicious individual or organisation. My intention to work will be discussed later… Can not wait to see you Mr Timothy Odofin explaining all of this to ECJ

The council was asked to reconsider on this letter, section 136 of the mental health act

No mention No mention of any of the above. Is Lewisham asking for more blood? I am not afraid to admit in public that I cut myself. Keep on pushing me, just keep on pushing

Full reply to the above letter 20180214s184NotEligible.pdf

Reply to Mr Timothy Odofin


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